What to Look for When Buying the CPU for Your Gaming PC

How to Choose the Best Gaming CPU

There's a constant recurring debate about which may be the most effective cpu for gaming available . In this aricle we will introduce and discuss what we think of as the best CPU for gaming. First, let's touch on what the CPU is and what it does.

As you may already be aware, one of the key components, if not "the" key component of any computer is the CPU or Central Processing Unit. This tiny computer chip performs all of your gaming software's instruction and really makes it operate.

It wasn't up until the 70's when the microprocessor was created, and that same period put Intel on the map as the sole creator of microprocessors. Using Intel's micro chip architecture, these brand-new microprocessors are teeny CPU's that work on a single integrated circuit. Intel remains the industry leader in CPU chip manufacturing at present. But one other company today can provide Intel much needed competition in the CPU arena.

Your second largest manufacturer of today's CPUs is Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and we believe they make the ideal CPU for gaming determined by price and excellence.
Advanced Micro Devices produces the AMD Phenom II 6 Core 3.3GHz CPU. This is their fastest most robust processor. This computer chip has 6 cores each managing processes at the same time, multiplying its 3.3GHz speed.. This is virtually 19.8GHz ototal speed for the CPU or 3.3GHz per core. That's all the speed you'll need. Intel's top rated 6 core cpu on the other hand, is the Intel Core i7-990x Extreme Edition cpu, clocking in at 3.46GHz per core.

So why would the Phenom II be a better cpu than the i7-990x by Intel? Well, in reality the Intel i7-990X Extreme Edition outperforms the Phenom II 3.33GHz 6 core cpu by AMD, but not by much. The main difference is based on how much more you would need to pay for the extra performance of the Intel chip. At the time of the writing of this report, the i7-990X Extreme is sold at New Egg for $999, as the AMD Phenom II 3.33GHz will only cost you $200. The choice is really simple. Unless you are rolling in cash, the Phenom II 6X 3.33GHz cpu by AMD is clearly the best choice.

Also remember, GHz speed alone is not the absolute characteristic of CPU performance. Additional circumstances such as cache and hyperthreading RAM should additionally be taken into consideration whenever calculating overall performance. You will find quite a few forums which have quite a few educational debates in regards to the two makes of CPU's. You will find there's fantastic resource where you can find complete info on how you can build your own gaming computer and exactly how you'll find the best gaming processor in the industry.